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Julie Ann Allender, Ed.D | Psychologist, Pueblo, CO

Virtual Dog Walk

This virtual pet therapy stress exercise is designed for Lark Eshelman in memoriam of her wonderful son Daniel Eshelman.
Items needed: an imagination       
                    a leash of any sorts 
Time: 15 minutes
         Ideally: 4x day
The following dog(s) or any other of your choosing can be used for this exercise. It is a cost effective exercise, guaranteed to make you and everyone you come into contact with laugh and is guaranteed also to decrease your stress level.
Take this dog (or other) by picture or imagination to your door and put on the leash.
Now go out for a 15 minute dog walk anywhere you choose.
Make sure you walk somewhere you can relax & feels good.
When you return be careful to return the dog leash to it's rightful spot so you will know where to find it for the next virtual dog walk.
Advantages of a virtual dog walk:
1.  No worry about your dog messing up someone's lawn or garden
2 . No worry about your dog biting someone, unless you become your dog and do it yourself.
3. No poop to pick up
4.  No pulling on a leash. This dog behaves miraculously.
5.   Nothing but pure fun. 

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